"About Down Syndrome" Overview

Has your baby been diagnosed with Down Syndrome?

Has someone you love recently found out their baby has this genetic condition? Whether you are still expecting or you are already carrying a newborn around, visit us for lots of up to date information delivered to you in a friendly and personal manner. Not only that, you will find stories and photos of other kids with this genetic difference. You will find encouragement and support, and we hope you will eventually find peace.

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Our story begins here...Our son, Sam, was born with Down Syndrome. As a registered nurse I worked in the mother/baby unit of a hospital. I had seen and taken care of babies with this condition. I never thought it would happen to me though. That is a totally different world. My husband and I scoured the internet for as much information as we could find. Our list of "Bookmarks” (“Favorites” for aol users) was a mile long. Then we had to sift through all the sites to distinguish between the "techno-babble" sites, the ones that were strictly personal experience, and the helpful ones.

We want to bring you as much information as possible about this condition in a personal, easy to read manner. The best part is that it is all in on one website.

Down Syndrome Facts

This is where you will find general information, a bit of history, some statistics and more.


Not to scare you, but there will be plenty of therapy in your and your child's future. Here we will address the different kinds of therapies your kiddo MAY need and give you an idea about kinds of things to expect.

Living with Down Syndrome

Information and encouragement for expecting parents, new parents, friends and relatives.

Early Learning Children with Down Syndrome will benefit immensely from early learning. In this section you will find many tips and ideas to get you started. We will also discuss (eventually) mainstreaming in public schools, schools especially for these kids and more.


The developmental section will address things such as what to expect developmentally, helps and hindrances to aiding development, support groups and more.

Poems and Stories

Last but not least you will find, among other things, the ongoing story of our personal journey with our sweet, sweet little Sammy, a section with poems and stories relating to individuals with Down Syndrome and other special needs children (beware! some of them will move you to tears), and information about some people with DS who have achieved great things. We also hope to put up a message board or forum at some point.

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Table of Contents

Types of Down Syndrome
Describes the three types of Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Facts
Down Syndrome facts summarized
Most Common Characteristics and Physical Symptoms of Down Syndrome
Describes the most common physical symptoms and characteristics of people with Down Syndrome
Prenatal Tests for Down Syndrome
Prenatal tests for Down Syndrome
Einstein Syndrome
Einstein Syndrome is an article that really, really hits home.
Getting Ready for Your Baby with Down Syndrome
Helpful hints about getting ready for your baby with Down Syndrome. List of nursery needs, list of things to bring to the hospital, some things to consider...
Living With Down Syndrome
Has your baby recently been diagnosed with Down Syndrome? Do you know someone who has a baby with DS? Read this section on living with Down Syndrome to find tons of information and support
Down Syndrome Health
Down Syndrome Health gives a brief description of some of the health problems a person with Down Syndrome may have.
Down Syndrome Development
Down Syndrome Development is an overview of all aspects of development in children with Down Syndrome.
Down Syndrome and Nutrition
Down Syndrome and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Supplementation has been quite a controversy. Here are some of the things we have learned.
Down Syndrome Feeding and Swallowing Issues
Describes most common Down Syndrome feeding and swallowing problems
Down Syndrome Gross Motor Development
Wondering about all the therapy gibberish that is being thrown at you? Down Syndrome Gross Motor Development will get you started in understanding your baby's developmental patterns.
Development of Fine Motor Skills in Down Syndrome
An insight into the development of fine motor skills in Down Syndrome.
Physical Therapy in Down Syndrome
A brief oveview of physical therapy in Down Syndrome. Reveals the real purpose for physical therapy in Down Syndrome and tells you how you can help maximize the positive effects.
Speech Therapy for Down Syndrome
Speech therapy for Down Syndrome gives a brief description of things to come involving language and speech. Also described are some of the other forms of communication used by kids with speech issues
Education and Kids with Down Syndrome
Getting a good education is important for kids with Down Syndrome. Join us as we navigate through the public school systems in the U.S.
Famous People With Down Syndrome
Did you know there are many famous people with Down Syndrome out there? Take a look at their inspiring stories here.
Down Syndrome Inspirational Stories
Looking for an inspiring down syndrome inspirational story? This is the place to find it.
Down Syndrome Stories, Photos and Poems
Down Syndrome stories and the story of our son, Sam, photos, poems, your stories, photos and submissions.
Aging and Down Syndrome Lifespan
A general description of the Down Syndrome lifespan
Diabetes in Children with Down Syndrome
What every parent should know about diabetes in children.
A Down Syndrome Story - The Beginning of Our Journey
A Down syndrome story. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to find out your child has, or might have Down Syndrome. Read on for our story.
Hippotherapy in Down Syndrome
Is your child getting bored with the same old tricks from his therapists? Hippotherapy in down Syndrome will enlighten you about he new 'therapy with a twist'!
Life Planning in Down Syndrome
Ever wonder what might happen to your special needs child when you are no longer around? Our Life Planning in Down Syndrome page will help you get started.
Down Syndrome Printables
For babies with down syndrome printables that are visually stimualting like these are great to hang up in areas where baby spends a alot of time.
The Tongue in Down Syndrome
Often falsely accused of being larger than those of its non-Down Stongue in Dowyndrome counterpart, the tongue in Down Syndrome is actually not larger than normal in most cases.
Down Syndrome Siblings
down syndrome siblings
Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family When You Have a Child With Down Syndrome
Some advice on taking care of yourself and your family when you have a child with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Blog
Visit our blog to stay up to date on news about Down syndrome and our Sam.
Down Syndrome Book List
The Down Syndrome Book and Resources page provides you with links to informational books and websites pertaining to Down Syndrome.
About Us
The About Us section of this website will tell you all about us.
Contact Us
Please contact us with your comments and/or questions. Your feedback will be much appreciated!
Helpful Links
Lists links to other helpful sites
About Down Syndrome Sitemap
About Down Syndrome Sitemap
Down Syndrome Support Groups
A listing of Down sydrome support groups
Update August 2010: Still Not Speaking
An update on oue son Sam, who has Down syndrome and a cleft palate and is still not speaking.
Back to School
Back to school dilemma
Leukemia and Down Syndrome
Wondering about leukemia and Down syndrome..read what these parents have to say.